Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Have a Ball Fall Crawl?

25 yarn shops spanning North America come together and present themselves to you. There are 5 days of presentations, and each shop has a designated time slot.

When is HABFC?

September 22, 23, 24, 30, and October 1, 2023

What if I work or have plans and miss some of the presentations?

We all have busy lives, so all presentations are recorded. As long as you have purchased a ticket, you can watch replays of any or all of the 5 days.

How do I purchase a ticket?


What does a ticket get me?

The ticket is $10 and gets you access to all the crawl presentations and chats for 2023.

Did I hear there would be prizes?

YES! Registered ticket holders are eligible to win prizes throughout the crawl. More on that later!